The two aspects of managing the business, handling the product flow or growth, and making clarity at work with sub-vendors, In this project, try to put what I learned from youtube have work on UI and backend functionality. The main vendor has access to add new products, search filter for…

Firstly, install python on your machine and do make the virtual environment, just follow the link if you’re not aware of virtualenv.

Follow the pip command below and install Django, make sure you should be working the directory, with this command, it make a folder with the given project name…

Firstly, install python on your machine from, and do not forget to check the box “add to path” while installing.

The virtual wrapper gives the advantage of running multiple projects which are running at different versions or specification on your PC/Laptop.

$ pip install virtualenvwrapper

Run the above command…

Furkhan Mehdi

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