How to setup virtual environment using python

Furkhan Mehdi
1 min readMar 10, 2021


Firstly, install python on your machine from, and do not forget to check the box “add to path” while installing.

The virtual wrapper gives the advantage of running multiple projects which are running at different versions or specification on your PC/Laptop.

$ pip install virtualenvwrapper

Run the above command for installing virtual env wrapper to install in into your machine.

$ mkvirtualenv env1

It makes a new virtual environment for you with mention named as env1 and all your env’s present at C:\Users\PcName\Envs, it can be accessed from anywhere in your computer.

$ workon env1

Enable’s your environment and now you can add or modify installed packages and is only present in this particular environment.

(env1)$ pip install django

When you enable your virtual environment it shows your env name before the current location.



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